Fashion .. such a vast subject

Collective and temporary habits relating to clothing express a fashion. A fashion lasts an average of one to three years: the hippie fashion of the 60s, the punk fashion of the 70s or the grunge fashion of the 90s.
Style is a special way of dealing with matter and shapes. The style continues and trends are transient. Baroque style, Renaissance style or a Victorian style. The classic style is said to be of superior quality and running through time. Remember Jacqueline Kennedy, Marilyn Monroe, Princess Diana or Lady Gaga The trend: without a defined goal, lasts only one to three seasons. Some great trends are inescapable: Bohemian, Bobo chic, Boho New York, urban, futuristic, safari, and disco 80s. At Koa-Nature, we are committed to following trends, styles and trends, offering women's clothing man child, shoes, slippers, espadrilles, different materials: linen, wool, organic cotton, recycled bottles, recycled clothing, because being "fashion" "trend" "chic" "style" "boho" or "bobo" is all over made compatible with fair and responsible fashion ... and this is our future.

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